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The Tombof
Black Sand

FoundryVTT Installation

How to Install
The Tomb of Black Sand

TL;DR - Drag and drop or copy/paste the tombofblacksand folder into your FoundryVTT modules folder. Then activate the module in your Foundry world of choice.

1. Download the file

2. Unzip it

3. Read this file. Wait, you're already doing that? Woah!

4. Make sure FoundryVTT is closed.

5. Navigate to the location on your computer where your FoundryVTT user data is stored. If you're not sure where this is:

   a. Open FoundryVTT
   b. Click on "Configuration" (there's an image of gears)
   c. The 3rd line shows the "User Data Path"
   d. Open that folder in Windows

6. In the FoundryVTT folder on your computer, open the folder called "Data"

7. Open the folder called "modules"

8. In a separate Windows File Explorer window, open the SFI0016_ToBS_Digital_Deluxe folder.

9. Locate the "tombofblacksand" folder

10. Drag and drop the "tombofblacksand" folder into your "modules" folder (X:/[location]/FoundryVTT/Data/modules)

11. Open FoundryVTT

12. You may want to test out the module before activating it on your existing game world. So click on "Create World"

13. Fill out at least the first three lines (World Title, Data Path, Game System).

14. For Game System choose DnD5e - Fifth Edition System

15. Click "Create World"

16. Locate the world you've just created and click "Launch World"

17. Select User: Gamemaster

18. Click "Join Game Session"

19. In the upper right hand corner of the screen click on the gear icon "Game Settings"

20. Click on "Manage Modules"

21. Locate "The Tomb of Black Sand" and check the box next to it

22. Click on "Save Module Settings"

23. You will be prompted "Welcome to the Tomb of Black Sand adventure module. Would you like to import all adventure content to your World?" Click "Yes"

24. Please be patient as the content imports. Note: Blue bars will pop up and disappear during the import. It's best to not touch or click on anything else during the import. However it ususally only takes about 15 - 20 seconds.

25. You will now see a landing page, and popup window titled "Introduction". Welcome to the Tomb of Black Sand.

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